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Prophet said, Allah said, "Spend (O man), and I shall spend on you." - al-Bukhari 60/206

Support Us

If you have found this site useful, please consider the following:

Report Errors

Submit error reports for erroneous sections. This includes anything that is abnormal including broken links, grammatical / spelling mistakes, translations errors or feature not working. You can report to us via our issue tracker

Donate Poor

We're are, Alhamdullilah, well-off but there are other Muslims around the world who are in need of your donation and assistance. You may also donate to the following projects. They are all authentic projects in sha' Allah and your money will not be wasted in sha' Allah.

If any of the links above is broken please feel free to contact us and let us know so we can remove it.

Donate Us

You can donate to us via PayPal. Please consider donating even if it's a penny worth of amount. Also note, WE DO NOT ACCEPT ANY ZAKAAT MONEY.

Running any site costs money. We add new stuffs (audios, videos, books etc), so we use more and more disk space. This also means when users download the stuffs, bandwidth from our account is used. In addition to that, keeping domains alive also cost money. We would like to share the efforts of cost. This will mean if we run out of money, we will always have something to keep the site going (in shaa Allah). If you benefit from this site in any way please consider donation. We do not have any set limits, so you can donate whatever you are capable of. Remember, every penny counts.


We've initiated several projects and you can contribute to most of them. Please see our github page for the list of projects. If you need assistance to get started, please feel free to contact us.


We've spent a lot of time on developing this site. As of 16 Oct, 2016, our database is ~600MB, code base is ~1GB and assets (books, audios, videos etc) are ~75GB. We do it for the One Who knows who we do it for. Please share this website with your friends and family. Read more...

Write For Us

If you have knowledge that you think may benefit others and you want to make as potential source for sadaqa-e jariya, please let us know and after getting to know you we may give you access to become an author for us. You will be able to write articles on that are read by many readers everyday (Alhamdullilah). © 2017