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About Muflihun.com

Muflihun.com (Version 4.242) is a web application for Qur'an, Hadith and other authentic Islamic resources including recitations, lectures books and reminder posts (blog).

Our Objective




Quran application was designed to allow you to:

Some Notes


Hadith application allows you to read hadiths in English and Arabic from wide-collections of hadith books:


Initial data for hadith grading/classification was based on two sources, Darussalam and Sheikh al-Albaani

But as part of our continous improvements, when we find a classification from authentic source (mainly Darussalam), we change it accordingly.


When you look at a hadith (for example Sahih al-Bukhari Book 75 Hadith 333), you may find various numbers in References sections. These numbers represent different types of references for particular hadith used by various publishers. Our main referencing style is based on Darussalam Publications.


You can embed any hadith to your website with support for navigation. For example, if you want to embed 'http://muflihun.com/bukhari/75/333' you can include following links in to 'iframe' (inline-frame)

Of course, you can combine these parameters to get different results for example http://muflihun.com/bukhari/75/333/embed?browse&classification to get both browse controls and classifications.


Even though this section is called Audio it also includes videos. We support following formats:

We regularly add new audios/videos in various languages from sound speakers. We try our best to make sure we only put reliable audios. We have removed some audios and speakers in the past and this is an on-going process. None of the audios are removed based on personal issues with the speakers. They are solely based on their dangerous beliefs.

Some audios are true copy of YouTube videos; they have several benefits:

We try our best to respect the copyright notices.


You can embed audios from this site to your site. To embed, simply add /embed to the URL. For example, if you want to embed http://muflihun.com/audio/listen/dr-bilal-philips/patience, the embeddable link is http://muflihun.com/audio/listen/dr-bilal-philips/patience/embed

Audio Notes

Concept of audio notes is to be able to recall what and where was something talked about in an audio. When an audio has notes attached to it you will see a small icon as shown below

Audio notes have two parts, time and text. Clicking on time will play the corresponding audio from the time you clicked. For example, below is the screenshot of audio note in Patiences by Dr. Bilal Philips

Clicking on the 00:08:42 will play lecture from this time when you are on audio page. Conceptually, what is being talked about is "Whoever fears Allah, ...". The reason we say "conceptually" is because it depends on whoever authored the audio note.

Another great benefit for audio notes is you can search for the term and you will see results from within audio notes. For an example, click here to trigger search.

Everyone can write their own audio notes. If there is an audio note linked to an audio, this is known as public audio note, everyone will be able to see public audio notes in four cases:


Muflihun Articles are small (and medium sized) articles for our Muslim brothers and sisters for their obligations and rulings on certain matters. Everything in our articles are backed-up by Quran and sunnah. Please note, we are not scholars neither do we consider ourselves student of knowledge. We strive to learn our deen to the best of our ability.

Our main interests are Aqeedah, Arabic Language, Tafseer and Sciences of hadith. Each of these are big topics so we spend time daily to study books and write articles on what we have understood clearly for our brothers and sisters.

Mistakes are inevitable and we request people of knowledge to correct us if we are wrong (along with your proofs).

If you're one of our authors please refer to our articles guidelines for quality articles.


We try our best to keep all of our resources (books, lectures, tafsirs etc) as authentic as possible. For example, we removed many books in the past. We always check the level of tafseer before we put it in Quran section. For example, we did not put Tafsīr Jalālayn because of `Ash'ari beliefs in it. Similarly, Tanwīr al-Miqbās min Tafsīr Ibn `Abbās which is attributed to Ibn `Abbās (may Allah be pleased with him). After researching in detail and asking shuyukh, it is clear that it's using many fabricated ahaadith and falsely attributed to Ibn `Abbās (may Allah be pleased with him); hence we did not add it.

After all, we are human beings and we make mistakes. If you find anything on this site that is either unauthentic or dangerous (in terms of `aqeedah), please let us know via email (along with the proofs). We will try to remove it as soon as possible.

Contact Us

If you wish to contact us in order to report an issue or ask question, please feel free to send email to info [at] muflihun.com and we will try to respond as soon as possible.

Our Request

We have put hours, days and weekends in to this project. Our efforts include, but not limited to:

This is all done for the sake of Allah (subhanahu wa ta'ala) - and He knows it. We request you to spread the word and share this website to your friends and family. JazaakAllah Khayran wa Baarak Allah Feekum wasalaam wa rahamatullahi wa barakaatuh

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